Micah Legal is a sliding scale, nonprofit civil law firm serving Lexington, Kentucky (Fayette County). Our mission is to increase the availability of legal representation for Lexingtonians with moderate and low incomes. We recognize that so many people feel they have no option but to go to court alone due to the high market rates for legal representation, and believe that is not in the interest of justice. By increasing access to justice for Lexingtonians without significant financial resources, we make Lexington’s courts more efficient and Lexington a more just society.

Sliding scale civil law firms are a growing trend across the country. Attorneys have realized that not everyone can afford to pay $200/hr. or more for help, and are offering a sliding scale payment structure to make justice more accessible. Micah Legal offers sliding scale civil legal services for Lexingtonians with incomes up to 400% of the Federal Poverty Line, based on family size. Sliding scale clients will pay anywhere from $15/hr. to $150/hr. Those rates are significantly less than the market rate in Lexington.

Micah Legal seeks to make justice accessible to everyone, regardless of income. We do this because it is “what is good.”

Justice, mercy, and humility–that’s what Micah Legal is all about. Contact Micah Legal to learn more.

Micah Legal is a Kentucky nonprofit with federal 501c(3) status. As such, Micah Legal is governed by a Board of Directors. Organizing documents are available on the Kentucky Secretary of State website or by request. We welcome monetary and in-kind donations. (Donate here!) Please contact us if you are interested in supporting Micah Legal’s mission of increasing access to justice for the people of Lexington.