One of the many things that sets Micah Legal apart from other law firms is that we are a nonprofit, serving moderate and low income Lexingtonians. Our rates are sliding-scale, and less than market rates.

Click on the chart above to enlarge it. To use this chart, first find your household size. Then read right to find your income, and the hourly rate you will pay is in green at the top of the column that corresponds to your income. You will be asked to provide proof of your income using paystubs, W-2s, bank statements, or award letters.

For a simple will, you should expect to pay for two to three (2-3) hours of work. Complete estate planning for one person takes three to five (3-5) hours.  For divorce/custody and other civil issues, you will be asked to pay a retainer of ten (10) hours of work up front, with additional payments, as needed. Expungements are currently being done at cost (you pay filing fees and all related fees) for clients referred by an employment program or nonprofit. Talk to us about your circumstances. We want to help.